Card Value FAQ

A cards value is up dated about once every 15 days.

I retrieve card values automatically from I know a lot of people say that there pricing is expensive. However I find it to be more accurate estimation of value as well as a more reliable source.

I tried getting prices from eBay listings and found that a search for a single holograph card would return results for multiples of that card or a non-holographic version or the card would include shipping and even some where the card was just listed as an example of a card you might get by random lot. I would rather know what my collection value is not just what it might be worth.

Also please note I get no kick back from I gain in no way using their site for card values.

This list is in no way official. It represents the current recorded price from Neither Pokémon,Nintendo, Creatures Inc. ,GAME FREAK inc. nor any other trading card game manufacturers sanction this list. I do not expect anyone to rigorously adhere to the prices in this list; they are here just as a guideline. As with everything that is bought and sold, its value is nothing more than what the buyer is willing to pay for it.

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